"For many people, the most difficult step towards overcoming anxiety, stress, or depression is seeking help" -- Amir Georges Sabongui, PhD.

What people fail to realize is that they are not alone. Psychological problems such as depression and anxiety are widespread --- particularly in the workplace. "I help CEOs, senior executives, managers, and professionals deal with work-related problems such as organizational, interpersonal and work style issues, as well as personal issues such low self-confidence. It's very important for people to know that today, the degree of stigma associated with psychological problems and illness is diminishing, largely due to public education".

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step. Contacting a skilled and trusted person who will help you explore the deeper causes is the second step.

Dr. Sabongui emphasizes that people need not feel ashamed in seeking professional help. "Anxiety, stress and depression are treatable. Together we can get to the root of your difficulties and focus on helping you develop the necessary skills and abilities to better face work and life ...one step at a time".

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